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There are so many audio file formats available online today so that sometimes it seems that you would never sort out in all of them. It is true partly especially if you are a newbie and do not see any difference existing between formats of today. But let’s try to understand what for MOV and AVI file formats were developed and why should you convert from MOV to AVI.

MOV is an audio file format originally designed by Apple Computer Inc. and supported mainly by QuickTime movie player. Due to some reasons (one of the main reasons is the proprietary nature of the file format) media players do not support the files of mov extension. Unfortunately it may happen quite often.

At the same time AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is supposed to be one of the oldest file formats designed in the beginning of the 1990s by the leading American software corporation Microsoft.

In comparison to AVI, MOV format is able to provide support for MP4 codecs as well as this file format may contain subtitles while AVI cannot. Even though MOV audio file format is supposed to be more advanced than AVI nevertheless AVI is still very popular and widespread worldwide. Exactly that’s why you need to convert from one file format to another with the help of MOV to AVI Converter when your player doesn’t support files of mov extension.

MOV to AVI converter is absolutely free for downloading. That’s really great! You may download it from the website with no need to register or sign in. Just click the button with the sign saying “Download” and the process starts. The installation of the program doesn’t take much time and is really very easy mainly because there is no need to activate it with the help of activation keys or codes. Moreover the program doesn’t contain bugs or viruses so you may do not worry about it. The software doesn’t take much space of your disk as well.

MOV to AVI converter is just perfect and it is exactly what you was looking for.

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Q: Is MOV file format is worse than AVI?

A: Actually MOV file format is not better or worse than AVI, it is just different file format intended for the other purposes. You are recommended to convert from MOV to AVI not because it is worse. You'd better do it when the media player you use doesn't support the extension of the file.

Q: Do you accept MasterCard to pay off MOV to AVI Converter?

A: We don't accept credit or debit cards because this software is provided on this website for absolutely free.